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ASME Interpretation - xem các giải thích từ ASME

Link hướng dẫn bạn kiểm tra các giải thích từ Quy chuẩn/ yêu cầu của ASME. --> . Đa số anh em tìm kiếm các giải thích cho các Quy chuẩn như ASME IX, ASME VIII ,... Ví dụ, bạn cần hiểu về QW-200.4 trong ASME IX thì tìm đúng code và mở giải thich để in file pdf: ___Chọn Quy chuẩn tại ["Standard Designation": BPV Section IX"] > "Search" để chọn tất cả > "Ctrl + F" để tìm các giải thích phù hợp > xem kết quả  QW-200.4 - Material Combination . Còn rất nhiều các giải thích khác, bạn tự tìm nhé! Kể cả ASME B31.1/31.3, .. .

Setting parameters for MIG / MAG processes

  (IWE 1.08-1 - Figure 29: Welding voltage and welding current for different shielding gases) Above photo is an example to determine welding parameter with variant shielding gas. Example 1: 145A, 22V, 100% CO2 Example 2: 190A, 24V, 100% CO2 Example 1: 250A, 28V, 100% CO2 You are so referred to other shielding gas and variant welding parameter in IWE handbook -Module 1.08-1:2018 edition.

ISO 14175 - Classification and shielding gas designation

(SFI/IWE 1.06 - Table 3: Classification of process gases for welding joints and related processes)   ISO 14175 - I1 : 100% Argon ISO 14175 - I3 : 30% He and rest Argon ISO 14175 - C1 : 100% CO2

Visual inspection for test coupon in ASME IX

Welding Procedure Qualification QW-144: final visual inspection for weld surface shall meet QW-194. QW-194: Performance test coupon shall show no cracks and complete joint penetration, with complete fusion of weld metal and base metal. Welder Performance qualification QW-194: Performance test coupon shall show no cracks and complete joint penetration, with complete fusion of weld metal and base metal. NOTE: For welder qualification may qualify on product weld, which welding process given in QW-304 may be qualified by volumetric NDE. The weld quality shall also be met construction’s acceptance criteria such ASME B31.3 normal service. Method and acceptance criteria of volumetric NDE shall follow QW-191.

AWS D1.1 2015 edition – Tolerance of joint details – Visual inspection

Joint details in WPS should detail of tolerance in Clause 5.214.1. Fillet weld assembly, see 5.21.1 PJP groove weld assembly, see5.21.2 Groove dimension, see 5.21.4   What are essential variables in WPS?   Table 4.5, line #31:  A change in groove type (e.g., single-V to double-V), except qualification of any CJP grove weld qualifies for any groove detail conforming with the requirement of 3.12, 3.13, 9.10 or 9.11   Table 4.5, line #33:  A change exceeding the tolerance of 3.12, 3.13,, or 9.10, 9.11, 9.11.2 and involving: A decrease in the groove angle  A decrease in the root opening An increase in the root face.   In groove weld, most questions were raised in case of out of tolerance such root opening / root gap are not allowed 20 mm or not greater of twice the thickness of thinner member, whichever is less. Clause 3.12 / 3.13 are the requirement of prequalified WPS, also see the details of joint in Figure 3.2 and Figure 3.3. All details are very clear to prepare a WP

Welder repair rate

Data records Make database in each project and summary every week/month or after completed project. Make sure that all data are truly record for evaluation and training welder.   Data records Analysis data records, there are 2 methods evaluation of welder repair rate: ·         Determine based length unit, ·         Determined base joint, Repairing rate based on your organization for monitoring welder performance. Some company set-ups 1.5% for manual welding and 2.5% for automatic welding.