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Setting parameters for MIG / MAG processes

  (IWE 1.08-1 - Figure 29: Welding voltage and welding current for different shielding gases) Above photo is an example to determine welding parameter with variant shielding gas. Example 1: 145A, 22V, 100% CO2 Example 2: 190A, 24V, 100% CO2 Example 1: 250A, 28V, 100% CO2 You are so referred to other shielding gas and variant welding parameter in IWE handbook -Module 1.08-1:2018 edition.

AWS D1.1 2015 edition – Tolerance of joint details – Visual inspection

Joint details in WPS should detail of tolerance in Clause 5.214.1. Fillet weld assembly, see 5.21.1 PJP groove weld assembly, see5.21.2 Groove dimension, see 5.21.4   What are essential variables in WPS?   Table 4.5, line #31:  A change in groove type (e.g., single-V to double-V), except qualification of any CJP grove weld qualifies for any groove detail conforming with the requirement of 3.12, 3.13, 9.10 or 9.11   Table 4.5, line #33:  A change exceeding the tolerance of 3.12, 3.13,, or 9.10, 9.11, 9.11.2 and involving: A decrease in the groove angle  A decrease in the root opening An increase in the root face.   In groove weld, most questions were raised in case of out of tolerance such root opening / root gap are not allowed 20 mm or not greater of twice the thickness of thinner member, whichever is less. Clause 3.12 / 3.13 are the requirement of prequalified WPS, also see the details of joint in Figure 3.2 and Figure 3.3. All details are very clear to prepare a WP