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AWS D1.8 / D1.8M: 2016 – Structural Welding Code – Seismic Supplement

-          -  Production Lot Control – test o    SMAW – Class S3 or C4 o    GMAW & SAW – Class S3 or S4 o    FCAW – Class T3 or T4, “-D” designator o    SAW – class F2 -         Welder Qualification for Restricted Access – AWS D1.8-DC -         Heat Input Envelope Testing -         Development WPS to meet AWS D1.1 & D1.8 – DC. Contact us for testing and verification the production lot test and welder qualification to AWS D1.8 - DC.

Preheat calculation

 [1] Heat Input - Welding process denoted number 111, 121, 126, … according to BS EN ISO 4063:2010 shall be applied k-factor (EN 1011-1). AWS/ASME - welding processes will multiple constant k-factor (k=1). [2] Preheat - Preheat determination based on base material CET and according to Annex C of EN 1011-2:2001 (See C.3.2.1). [3] Cooling time t8/5 - calculation of cooling time t800/500 according to Annex D of EN 1011-2:2001 (See D.6). [4] Input your data into the YELOW cell. --> Download free at here .

AWS - Fillet weld sketch

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