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11 steps to prepare a hydrotest package

Hydrostatic test is a task of inspection point in the ITP, the hydrotest procedure should get approval code and all welding activities had been done inspection by all parties, NDT report to meet project requirement. Prepare the test package The following are 11 common steps to make a test package or prepare  a test package: Cover page See content of test package and download native file at the end of other topic, you may modify to meet your procedure. Content To reduce time for paperwork, you may input all common data into standard form such project name, client name, type of test, etc in the format standardization form or handwrite at site. Pre-test check list These task will be checked with your client before pressurization. Line list Spool number, line number or other identification should update in the line list for checking. Inspector will check all spools and then he will sign off in the drawing. The approved drawing should verify before make the test package. Line check To verif

ASME Interpretation - xem các giải thích từ ASME

Link hướng dẫn bạn kiểm tra các giải thích từ Quy chuẩn/ yêu cầu của ASME. --> . Đa số anh em tìm kiếm các giải thích cho các Quy chuẩn như ASME IX, ASME VIII ,... Ví dụ, bạn cần hiểu về QW-200.4 trong ASME IX thì tìm đúng code và mở giải thich để in file pdf: ___Chọn Quy chuẩn tại ["Standard Designation": BPV Section IX"] > "Search" để chọn tất cả > "Ctrl + F" để tìm các giải thích phù hợp > xem kết quả  QW-200.4 - Material Combination . Còn rất nhiều các giải thích khác, bạn tự tìm nhé! Kể cả ASME B31.1/31.3, .. .

Ferrite contents/Ferrite Number in Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steels

(Photo by  Fischer Feritscope®  FMP30C - Link:  ) To convert from ferrite % to FN, the following can be used: For 22 % Cr duplex stainless steel, ferrite % = 0.7 × FN; For 25 % Cr duplex and super duplex stainless steels, ferrite % = 0.65 × FN. Refer to  API RP 582 2016  Section Weld metal: 30 to 65% HAZ: 40 to 65 %  Base metal: 40 to 60%